Delta Festival 2023

Start date: 08/23/2023
End date: 08/27/2023

Over 5 days and gathering at the end of August nearly 150,000 festival-goers, the Delta Festival hosts the forum of “Le Monde des Possibles”, involving villages and agoras, each one representing 5 major issues of the future: the environment, living together, the economy, health, and culture.
Convinced of the importance for young people to have access to international opportunities, the Delta Festival created in 2022 the Mediterranean, European and International Village, which is the first step to federating and bringing together different stakeholders and building a “Mediterranean, European and International Hub”. Through this Hub, the goal is to make Marseille the interface between European and African youth by gathering young people from both shores of the Mediterranean.
Furthermore, Le Monde des Possibles also hosts the Start-Up Village, where 150 start-ups come to present their projects and products. This Village aims to introduce and promote entrepreneurship and innovation towards young people and to offer greater visibility to young
entrepreneurs from France, Europe and Africa.

As part of a collaboration between the Union for the Mediterranean, the Minassa incubator and the Delta Festival, several young entrepreneurs working in the creative industries will attend the 2023 Start-Up Village at the Delta Festival, to value the excellence of Tunisian and Mediterranean youth, and to further develop economic relations in the Mediterranean.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.