Inter- Ocean-Climate School (IOCS)

Start date: 01/02/2022
End date: 01/02/2022

Ocean, coast & climate literacy. Exploring the interrelations and influences among oceans, coastal processes, climate change, human activity & sustainability and drawing on active- & experiential-learning methodologies, such as participatory simulation, educational gaming and debriefing. The Inter- Ocean-Climate School is an exploratorium. Everyone with an interest in the well-being of our ocean is invited to apply. The School will be of interest to people who, and organisations that, have a stake in planning and acting for the future of the oceans, especially the future of the oceans as they are being shaped by accelerating global warming and climate change. We will work at the intersection or nexus of oceans and climate. The Inter- Ocean-Climate School is an official event of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development. Previous themes have been:
The Mediterranean and climate change: Impacts, people, action
The Trilogy of Ocean, Coast and Climate: The Urgency and Exigency of Literacy
We will also organise this

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.