Marc de Montalembert Grant for Mediterranean cultures

Start date: 10/01/2023
End date: 10/01/2023

Through scholarship grants and the Marc de Montalembert Prize, the Fondation Marc de Montalembert contributes to developing a better knowledge of the Mediterranean world’s cultures and their dissemination, particularly among the young people of that region.

To encourage young people to acquire a better knowledge of the cultures of their region, one or two grants – scholarships for projects – are awarded each year for the realization of a cultural undertaking or one having to do with the development of a craft. Since 1994 the Foundation has provided financial support to 30 projects undertaken by young grant winners from 8 Mediterranean countries. Projects have been realized in the following fields: creative writing, architecture, archaeology, anthropology and sociology, music, history of art, craftsmanship, engraving, painting, and photography.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.