Mediterranean Capitals of Culture & Dialogue

Start date: 04/25/2023
End date: 11/28/2023

The Euro-Mediterranean region boasts a rich and diverse heritage, shaped by centuries of cultural exchange. A melting pot of different languages, traditions and customs, the region shares a heritage and a deep sense of identity and belonging. Today, this cultural legacy continues to inspire and inform our shared values and aspirations, reminding us of the importance of building bridges and fostering understanding between cultures.

In that spirit, the 43 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean launched the “Mediterranean Capitals of Culture & Dialogue” initiative during their 7th Regional Forum in November 2022.

Based on the call of Ministers of Culture of the Euro-Mediterranean region on 17 June 2022 in Naples, as well as the recommendation of more than 200 young representatives from the civil society of over 20 countries at the Forum des Mondes Méditerranéens on 7 February 2022 in Marseille, this initiative was shaped to further promote the diversity and shared identity of the Euro-Mediterranean region and contribute to a better mutual understanding of its peoples.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.