FIT4REUSE 3rd Water Reuse Days – Sustainable Water Solutions for Agriculture in the Mediterranean

Start date: 12/23/2022
End date: 12/24/2022

In the summer of 2022, droughts and fires once again ravage the Mediterranean. Countries announce historically low water levels and warn that we must expect water rationing. The invitation to the FIT4REUSE 3rd Water Reuse Days – Sustainable Water Solutions for Agriculture in the Mediterranean could not be more timely!

When we started the FIT4REUSE project 3 years ago, we knew that change was needed. But we did not know how urgent it was. Reuse to Reduce is our slogan. This simple statement may as well be the to improve the efficiency of water management systems in the region.

A tremendous advance has been achieved in this time. We showed that FIT4REUSE technologies, a combination of nature-based solutions and intensive treatments used to treat wastewater and desalinate brackish water, can provide the necessary water for agricultural use!

Join us in Bologna or online for the 3rd Water Reuse Days with the title Sustainable Water Solutions for Agriculture in the Mediterranean. This two-day event will gather policymakers, researchers, farmers, entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss how to solve the water problems the region is facing.

We will open the event in the afternoon of the 23rd of November and will start with a roundtable discussion dedicated to the challenge of water scarcity in agriculture, featuring experts from EIT Food, Irrigants d’Europe, PRIMA programme and FAO. To follow, the 3 Pillars of FIT4REUSE will be explored, thanks to the presentation of the results obtained within the project and much more. In particular, three subsequent sessions will be dedicated to:

– Innovative solutions for wastewater treatment and desalination for water reuse (23rd of November)
– The use of treated municipal wastewater and desalinated water for irrigation and aquifer recharge (24th of November)
– Assessment and regulation of water reuse (24th of November)

Following these sessions, the project partners will take part to a roundtable discussion about the main outcomes and challenges encountered during the development of FIT4REUSE activities and a panel discussion will be then focused on the Italian experience, with the participation of local stakeholders.

The closing speech, will be dedicated to the PRIMA Programme and its support to sustainable water management in agriculture.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.