This 28 of November, join us for the Day of the Mediterranean


The Day of the Mediterranean provides a yearly opportunity to promote intercultural exchanges, celebrate cooperation, embrace diversity and strengthen ties between our two shores. We celebrate our shared identity, common heritage and love for the Mediterranean.

It is a reminder that our similarities largely overcome our differences and that we all share a Mediterranean identity

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Day of the Mediterranean 2023 – Find the Mediterranean in your city

The Mediterranean will always be an essential element of those cities and countries bordering its sea. From the very obvious horizon where the sky meets the water, the recomforting sight of a palm tree or bougainvillea to the specific spices and flavours found in Mediterranean dishes, it is hard to escape the Mediterranean. 

But if we push our search further – and farther – we will find out that small pieces of the Mediterranean’s heritage and culture can be found where nobody expects them to, even thousands of kilometers away from the shores of the Mare Nostrum. And these tokens can take many forms: street names honouring an important figure from the region, colourful mosaics and beautiful ruins of long-forgotten empires or food specialties inspired by human movements throughout History, you name it! 

Will you help us find the Mediterranean in the most unexpected places? 

  • Take a pictureand tell us… Where do you find the Mediterranean in your city?
  • Share it on social media and don’t forget to tag #MediterraneanDay

Just like our Mediterranean boasts an unparalleled canvas of world-class cultural heritage sites and a wealth of traditions, it is also a hotspot of biodiversity and geodiversity, and home to a multitude of unique habitats and species. 

To celebrate the Mediterranean is to celebrate life in its full amplitude and plenitude. This ancient sea around which we live has given the world its greatest civilizations, its earliest academies and universities, its first dramatists and philosophers and its most celebrated trade centres.

The Day of the Mediterranean aims to create an annual unique momentum to provide visibility to the positive cooperation stories in the region. It is also a reminder that we all share a Mediterranean identity, the cultural dimension being an important component of who we are and where we come from.

It provides an opportunity to launch projects and initiatives as well as to hold events, roundtables, exhibitions and festivals across the region to strengthen ties between our shores, promoting intercultural exchanges and embracing diversity,

What can I do?

Everyone has a role to play. Whether you are an organisation working in the field of cooperation, a public administration, a private entity or a citizen in love with the Mediterranean, you can be part of the movement!



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