Everyone has a role to play. Whether you are an organisation working in the field of cooperation and development, a public administration, a private entity dealing with cultural affairs, an entrepreneur capitalising on the human potential of our region or a citizen in love with the Mediterranean, you can be part of the movement!

Announce your event or activity

Let’s make this  the go-to page for all that matters in the Mediterranean. Whether you organise a large conference or hold a talk at a local university.

Open doors – allow a sneak peek into what you do!

If you are a museum, an NGO, a university/ school or a public administration, the Day of the Mediterranean on the 28th of November could be the opportunity to open your doors to the public and let them know what your work is all about. If one day is not enough, you can welcome visitors for a whole week and organise different thematic visits or talks!

Mediterranean heritage is the world’s heritage, and our region has so much to offer. The Day of the Mediterranean can also be the occasion to open historical sites for free – or open up sites that are not usually accessible to the public – and organise exclusive guided visits.

Promoting culture in many forms

If there is one thing the Mediterranean’s diversity brings, it’s a vibrant culture that can take many forms. The Day of the Mediterranean can be the perfect excuse to organise exhibitions or music, film, fashion and food festivals across the region with a view to promoting intercultural exchanges and dialogue. These events can be organised all year round and framed under the International Day, using the official logo and other branding elements.

Debates and workshops

Organising debates, roundtables or workshops is a great way to keep learning from each other, exchange best practices or connect people that wouldn’t have met otherwise. Whether you want to talk about art, regional cooperation or climate change, open up your debates to the general public and allow Q&A sessions if you can: we can learn a lot not only from the answers provided but also the questions asked!

Recognising Mediterranean talent

Awards are a great way to shine a light on the region’s many talented individuals. It raises awareness of innovative solutions, allows people to connect and, in some cases, also provides much-needed funding opportunities. If you already have an ongoing competition – or if you plan to start one – don’t hesitate to frame it under the Day of the Mediterranean and let us know about it! We’ll help bring visibility to your competition and publish it on this website !

Showcase what matters to you

The Day of the Mediterranean can also be a good opportunity to promote a cause that matters to you or showcase issues of concern. You could organise a fundraising campaign and announce the results on 28th of November. Whether the funds go to an NGO, a start-up or an artist, don’t hesitate to let us know about it and we’ll do our best to help promote your campaign!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.