The Day of the Mediterranean is born

In November 2020, the 42 Member States of the Union for the Mediterranean declared the 28th of November as the official Day of the Mediterranean, to be marked annually, calling upon the entire Mediterranean community and everyone who identifies with the Mediterranean to celebrate the lasting legacy of this age-old agora of cultural dialogue, wisdom and humanism.

The Mediterranean nowadays evokes a wide array of emotions and is an irreplaceable feature of our lives. A fascinating land to some, a source of livelihood for others and a home to many. It is here in the Mediterranean that the past is ever-present and the “other” is never far.

This unanimous decision by Member States comes at a challenging time, as we face unprecedented crises. However, we cannot afford to lose hope. We must remember – and celebrate – how rich the Mediterranean is: rich in history, in natural resources, and in people. Our region holds immense potential for our story to continue as one of hope, as we build the future we all want to see. 

Why the 28th of November?

On the 28th of November 1995, the Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the EU and 12 Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries held the first Euro-Mediterranean Conference in Barcelona and signed an agreement to launch the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership Process. The Barcelona Process was born as a new framework of dialogue out of a shared resolution to convert the Mediterranean region into a common space for peace, stability, security and shared prosperity. The Day of the Mediterranean is a precious reminder of this commitment, to continue – despite the many challenges that come our way – moving forward together.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.