Arabic Flamenco music and dance with Zamaani

Start date: 11/28/2023
End date: 11/28/2023

The Anna Lindh Foundation has recently selected the proposal presented by the Three Cultures Foundation, together with institutions from 42 countries, as a reflection on the need for lasting and stable peace in the Mediterranean area through culture.

Using music as a vehicle for union and coehsion, this proposal brings together artists from different countries and backgrounds who have created the group Zamaani. In their repertoire they offer music with flamenco roots and Arabic influences. This mixed-race group, rich in diversity, is composed by Ebla Sadek (voice), whose parents are Syrian and lives in Berlin, currently studying flamenco in Seville, Spain. Dennis Duffin, acclaimed flamenco guitarist from Canada and in love with Andalusia. Naya Binghi, contemporary dance and flamenco artist from Tel Aviv where she lives part of the year, reserving the rest of the time to live in Spain. Philomène Constant (violin) and Gabrielle Lemseffer (percussion), living usually in France with an interesting musical career as artists, performers and teachers.

United by the love of flamenco, traditional Arabic music and dance, they met in Seville (Spain) where the headquarters of the Tres Culturas Foundation is located and since then they have participated in festivals such as Flamenco en Loire Festival (2023).

This activity is carried out thanks to the collaboration of the City Council of Seville by offering a theather in the outskirts of the city where this exceptional performance will take place.

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