Launch of the co-publication “SUSTAINABLE FOOD AND AGRICULTURE FOR TOMORROW: PAVING THE WAY FOR YOUTH!” by the CIHEAm, UfM and the CMI-Unopsin February 2022

Start date: 11/29/2021
End date: 11/29/2021

Climate, pollution, health, unemployment…these multiple crisis factors lead us to question the sustainability of our food systems in the Mediterranean. If green, climate-resilient agriculture, the blue economy and sustainable fishing, short circuits, relocation or even food sovereignty are in turn put forward as possible solutions, they cannot be so without the inclusion of young people. Indeed, these transitions towards more sustainable models cannot correctly achieve their objectives without initiatives targeting young people in Mediterranean countries especially youth in rural and fishing communities. As a large part of the Mediterranean population, young people, their energy and their potential are a source of hope. Their integration is an urgent priority. The creation of jobs and activities for young people
in the agri-food sector sectors and in rural areas is built on partnership dynamics between public authorities, education and training institutions, civil society organizations; companies (large, industrial, SMEs/SMIs, start-ups…), investors (funds, banks…) or innovation and manufacturing laboratories which should be supported. Resolutely focused on the food systems of the future, this publication aims to feed the debate on the place/role of youth in the development of new food paradigms and new approaches for creative and attractive rural and coastal areas. The purpose is also to provide position papers/policy briefs, reviews of works and good practices that especially mobilise partnership dynamics (civil society, universities and research centres, companies, public authorities, investors etc.).

For its 41st edition, the CIHEAM Watch Letter gives a voice to young researchers, entrepreneurs, associative or union activists who have ideas and projects to share for more sustainable and inclusive food systems in the Mediterranean region. This special issue is the result of a collaboration between the International Center for Advanced Mediterranean Agronomic Studies (CIHEAM) and its partners from the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) and the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI)

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