Med Dialogues+2030: Towards a new development path: a sustainable blue economy for a prosperous Mediterranean

Start date: 11/24/2021
End date: 11/24/2021

The sixth session of the Med Dialogues +2030 cycle aims at giving an overview of the role that blue economies can play as the engine for the protection and restoration of the Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems, as well as on the fight against climate change. Moreover, it will analyze the prospects and implications of transiting towards sustainable blue economies in the Mediterranean region, while discussing new recent developments within the blue sector to combat resource-intensive and unsustainable production and consumption models, which hazardously endangers Mediterranean ecosystems and natural resources.

Finally, the dialogue aims at discussing broader political and socio-economic challenges for key regional actors and stakeholders to develop policies and concrete solutions that help accelerate the shift towards sustainable blue economies in the region while fostering a more sustainable and climate-resilient Mediterranean.

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