Mediterranean July – Morocco

Start date: 07/20/2023
End date: 07/20/2023

Our trip to the Mediterranean stops in Morocco with the presentation of a film screening (Rock the Casbah), organised by the Embassy of Morocco in collaboration with the Spanish Embassy in Ireland, and the support of the Instituto Cervantes Dublin.

Synopsis: Set in an opulent villa in Tangiers, the film unfolds over the three days of the rites of mourning dictated by Moroccan tradition, following the death of a prominent magnate and family patriarch, Moulay Hassan (Sharif). The solemnity of the occasion is disrupted by the unexpected return of Sofia (Alaoui), the rebellious youngest daughter who left Morocco, against her father’s wishes, seeking an acting career in the US. Her sisters, Kenza (Azabal) and Miriam (Labaki), rattled by her unsettling antics, come to reconsider their life choices in moments of emotional reckoning. And as their father’s remains are prepared for burial, the three siblings find themselves unearthing some dramatic family secrets.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.