Round table discussion and a concert Basma & Orwa & Atanasovski

Start date: 11/28/2022
End date: 11/28/2022

The round table discussion and the concert will be streamed online, please find the link below.
The exceptional Syrian musicians based in Vienna, Basma Jabr and Orwa Saleh, transform the charismatic ancient Arabic tunes into a perfect harmony and a sensual musical journey, on which they will be joined by the Slovenian musician Vasko Atanasovski on saxophone/flute.

The Basma-Orwa-Atanasovski concert is one of the 36 concerts that will be held simultaneously in 25 Euro-Mediterranean countries with the aim of celebrating the diversity of the Mediterranean and enhancing mutual ties.

At 18:30, a round-table discussion will be held on the importance of intercultural dialogue in the Mediterranean and the binding power of art, moderated by journalist Kristina Božič.

The multicultural trio of virtuoso musicians Basma-Orwa-Atanasovski will begin their concert at 20:00.

Round table United in Diversity – Culture as a Bridge in the Mediterranean

Moderator: Kristina Božič, journalist
Ambassador Mateja Prevolšek, Head of Department for Africa and the Middle East at Ministry of Foreign Affairs,
Ervin Hladnik Milharčič, journalist
Orwa Saleh, Syrian musician
Jerneja PENCA, PhD, Associate Professor and Head of Academic Affairs at the Euro-Mediterranean University (EMUNI)

Mediterranean Day: Basma-Orwa-Atanasovski
Štih Hall and ONLINE on YouTube LIVE:

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