The Mediterranean at the Ateneu

Start date: 11/23/2021
End date: 11/23/2021

IEMed and Ateneu Barcelonès organise a day dedicated to the Mediterranean with two round tables and a musical performance.

The session is opened by Isona Passola, president of Ateneu Barcelonès, and Senén Florensa, executive president of IEMed. The first round table called “What society do we want? Youth and social transformation“, counts with young people with different family backgrounds in the southern Mediterranean. This group stands out in various professional fields and reflect on the challenges they face to contribute to positive changes in today’s society. The conversation also revolves around topics such as identity, culture, belonging and diversity.

Moderated by Lurdes Vidal, director of the Arab and Islamic World area of IEMed, this session has the participation of Alaaddine Azzouzi, journalism student and contributor to La Directa, Sentit Crític, Mèdiacat, Revista Deriva and Sà, Miss Raisa, a psychology student and rap singer, and Safia El Aaddam, communicator, activist and promoter of the “votaresunderecho” campaign.

The second round table, “Arab Revolutions 2.0: the continuous revolt“, addresses the political, economic and social situation of the countries in the southern and eastern Mediterranean that recorded protests and popular mobilizations from 2011 and in some cases in 2019. It also deals with the capacity for popular mobilization and the extent of social, economic and political fractures after the pandemic.

Moderated by Laura Feliu, Professor of International Relations at the UAB, Adlène Meddi, Algerian journalist and writer and Lilia Weslaty, Tunisian journalist, author of the book Without Rights (in Arabic), made with the NGO Damj.

The event ends with a vocal and instrumental quartet performing Arabic and North African music.

Here’s a quick snapshot of what the International Mediterranean Day logo can and can’t be used for.